Please note that temporarily, Site is DOWN!

and I will NOT be able to ship any disks!

Many browsers have now disabled plugins. I will need to rework these videos to make them work. Email me, as if you are willing to play these videos directly from their source, using a third party player, they will still work. However the menu system due to new browser code, will not work, until I re-do them.

If you click on the Archtop above, you can still navigate this site, but again, the order pages have been taken down, due to these latest Browser limitations. It has been awesome, and thank you all who have purchased these videos. Hopefully, as time permits, I will be able to rework them. Peace!

Thank you all as always for your support, and interest in my videos!

Please feel free to email me at the address listed below.

-----posted on June 25, 2017-----




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